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How do you know the type of MEWP training you need?

Knowing the type of MEWP training you need is vital to ensure you’re not getting on a crane operated differently than the ones you already know. Read us to the end to find out what you need to know for the right type.

What should you know before receiving MEWP training?

You can’t just focus on theoretical or practical training. Since to get the learning, you need to operate, and you need to receive both classroom instruction and operating techniques.

Therefore, only some of these platforms are handled within the same classification. In the past, they were classified by product type, such as “scissor lifts” or “boom lifts,” among others.

However, this has changed with the implementation of new technologies. Today, the classification is done by “groups” and subdivided into three different “types.” For example,

Type :1 represents all those that can only travel with the platform in the retracted position.

Type 2: represents those that can travel elevated and are controlled from the chassis. 

Type 3: represents those that can travel elevated and are controlled from the platform. 

Group B are primarily boom lifts, which move vertically and extend a hydraulic arm beyond the chassis and outside tipping lines when elevating.

Group A includes all elevating work platforms in which the vertical projection of the platform is inside the tipping lines. 

So, depending on the “type and group” you will be operating, it may depend on the MEWP training you need, so make sure you get the right one for your role!

Will you need special equipment to receive the training?

This point should be clarified since the experience is different in all cases. And everything will depend on the place where you will go to receive the training. 

For example, if you go to a place solely for learning, you must bring all the necessary equipment to receive the lessons. That is, your safety shoes, helmets, ear protection, and gloves, among other items.

On the other hand, if you are already in a company and you are going to fulfill the role of an operator, they will likely be in charge of providing the necessary elements for the MEWP training that will be carried out. 

You should know that no matter what type of training you receive, you can only get on one of these cranes with the items that will help ensure you are safe.

Even if they are handled with all the care, and responsibility necessary, any second could change the course of a session, and, with the high risk of getting hurt, it is always best to stay protected.

Ask as many questions as necessary!

You can always be sure of everything. That’s why, in your MEWP training, don’t hesitate to ask anything that creates any doubt in your mind. 

And remember, it is vital that you receive training for the type of crane you will be operating. Although they may sound similar, the characteristics of each often add some value to their use.

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