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Risk assessment is an important process that must be performed before using a mobile personnel lifting platform on any job. The following are the steps to conduct a risk assessment with MEWP:

Identify risks: Before using a MEWP, it is important to identify the potential risks associated with the job. Some of the common risks include falls from heights, collisions with other objects or people, electrical injuries, and adverse weather conditions, among others.

Assess the magnitude of the risk: Once the risks have been identified, it is necessary to assess the magnitude of the risk. This involves determining the likelihood of an accident occurring and the degree of injury it could cause.

Take preventive measures: To reduce the risk of accidents, it is important to take preventive measures. These measures may include training and training personnel, implementing safety systems in the MEWP, using personal protective equipment, installing safety barriers, and conducting regular MEWP inspections.

Implement an action plan: After assessing risks and taking preventive measures, it is important to implement an action plan. This plan should include measures to minimize the risk of accidents, such as establishing safety procedures, assigning roles and responsibilities, and clearly communicating safety instructions.

Monitor and review risk assessment: It is important to regularly monitor and review risk assessment to ensure it remains relevant and effective. Regular MEWP inspections should be carried out and additional risk assessments carried out if changes in working conditions or equipment occur.In summary, risk assessment with MEWP is an important process to ensure workplace safety. By identifying risks, assessing the magnitude of the risk, taking preventive measures, implementing an action plan, regularly monitoring and reviewing the risk assessment, the risk of accidents can be reduced by ensuring the safety of personnel at all times.

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