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MEWP Rescue Plan

MEWP Rescue Plan is a guide or set of instructions that we must validate that it works before operating a lift.

Find out in this article what it is, all the conditions, and the PDF file currently used as a guide for the MEWP Rescue Plan. 

What is the MEWP rescue plan?

Also known as the MEWP rescue plan, this guide should be addressed, especially by lift operators, considering the dangers we are exposed to as soon as we get on it.

What would happen if the hoist basket controller stopped working? Well, any experienced person would say they would use the base controllers (located most of the time on the left side of the lift). 

But what if both are failing?

For these cases, an emergency controller should only be used in this type of case, and it is the third alternative we must consider to avoid dangers many meters above the ground.

As in this type of case, several problems may arise, depending on what we want to do or the environment where we are working.

Remaining calm is also essential in the event of a breakdown of the controllers in the basket, and you can tell the operator on duty that help is on the way and not to try to press all the buttons on the controller.

That is why we can find a PDF file for the MEWP rescue plan, which is the most indicated to know what to do in emergencies.

What is the MEWP Rescue Plan?

The rescue plan details different precautions that must be followed to avoid accidents with the lifts, for example:

There must be operator controls on the floor, basket controls and auxiliary controls (the latter only for emergencies where the basket operator cannot be used).

The basket operator control is the one that should usually be used, and in case of failure, use the base controller with the help of an assistant to get to the ground. In case of failure of both, use the emergency controls.

Properly trained operators should use all controllers, as it is likely to aggravate the problem if this rule needs to be followed.

Operators should descend to the nearest working platform if the structure prevents them from descending to the ground.

If the basket operator is unconscious, emergency numbers should be called, and emergency controllers should be used to descend de basket. 

In summary, the MEWP rescue plan functions as a user’s guide to avoid accidents or to know what to do in such cases, remembering that this is a potentially dangerous activity.

That is why the indications specified in the MEWP guide must be respected, as it is a great help to know before a problem occurs in any of our projects.

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