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In Canada, the use of MEWPs is regulated by CSA Standard B354.2, which sets out the safety requirements for using MEWPs. Additionally, each province and territory may have specific additional regulations.

Regarding licensing and certification requirements, the CSA B354.2 standard states that all MEWP operators must receive appropriate training and be certified. The training should include both theoretical and practical, covering topics such as the safe and efficient use of the MEWP, equipment limitations, pre-use inspections, and emergency procedures.

The certification must be issued by an organization recognized by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and renewed periodically, as with IPAF.ORG, every five years.

In addition, in some provinces, such as Ontario and Quebec, MEWP operators must obtain a Mobile Equipment Operator License (MEOL) issued by the relevant province’s Ministry of Labor. MEOL licensing requires the operator to complete a training course and pass a theoretical and practical exam. IPAF offers the PAL CARD and ePAL that comply with all the requirements, and you can get them at QualityOpCenter.ca.

In summary, in Canada, licensing and certification requirements for using MEWPs include training and certification operators issued by a CSA-recognized organization and obtaining an operator’s license in some provinces of mobile equipment recognized by the corresponding Ministry of Labor.

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