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Types of MEWPs and their most appropriate uses

Different types of lifting platforms are designed for various applications and work environments. The following are some of the most common types of MEWP and their most practical uses:

Static Vertical (1a) is any vertical personnel platform that remains static when lifting. 

This lifting platform rises and descends vertically and is suitable for maintenance work in hard-to-reach indoor areas such as ceilings and walls. Their best characteristic is their lightweight based on the height they can lift. They are used in warehouses, shops, factories and other facilities.

Static Boom (1b) is any self-propelled boom, trailer or vehicle-mounted platform.

These machines may have outriggers attached. The lifting platforms must be towed behind a transport vehicle, pushed away, and lifted on the job site. They are suitable for maintenance work in buildings, industrial facilities, shopping centers, etc.

Mobile Vertical (3a) is any mobile scissor lift or vertical mobile personnel platform.

It is a self-propelled lifting platform of work that rises vertically, and the basket sits on a scissor arm system. It is suitable for working on flat and level surfaces. They are used for constructing, maintaining and cleaning buildings, industrial facilities, shopping centers, etc.

Mobile Boom (3b) machines are any self-propelled booms. There are two types of arms.

The Z boom type is the lifting platform composed of several articulated arms that allow greater flexibility in the positioning of the platform. They are suitable for working in open areas and hard-to-reach points. They are used for roof maintenance work and installation of lighting and ventilation systems, among others.

The stick boom extends vertically and horizontally to provide greater reach and flexibility in the platform position. They are suitable for work in areas difficult to reach, such as for maintenance of light poles, high voltage lines, industrial facilities, etc.

In summary, each type of MEWP has its characteristics and most practical uses in different work environments. The selection of the correct type of platform lift will depend on the specific working needs and the working environment in which it is used.

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