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Safety tips for operating lifting equipment

AWP and MEWP crane safety tips keep you safe while operating lifting equipment. It’s not enough to be told three or four things; you need to know much information before you get on them. 

Read on to find out what points you need to polish up on if you want to be a responsible operator. 

With these tips, your safety is guaranteed

1.- Proper training is a must

Both general training and hands-on training are essential. That will help you familiarize yourself with the AWP and MEWP cranes you’ll be using – it never hurts to want to investigate things yourself!

Remember to read the entire operator’s manual, read the safety signs on the equipment, make sure you understand its functions, and memorize where all the safety devices are located before you even get on it. 

2.- Don’t ignore your employer’s rules

Before you operate the equipment, you must be clear about your employer’s safety rules. Only then will you be able to comply with them? In addition, if the workplace has regulations that apply to you, you should also study them.

Find out if local, state or national regulations apply to your operating equipment. Any information is good information!

3.-Perform pre-operation inspections.

The first thing you should do at the start of your shift is perform the pre-operation inspection and the functional tests for AWP and MEWP cranes. 

Level sensors, alarms, or any other safety devices will not be able to serve their purpose if they are disabled or have a defect that needs to be corrected. 

If your equipment fails any tests, it should be reported immediately so that a qualified service technician can repair it to avoid accidents. 

4.- Perform a construction risk assessment

It would be best to look for accentuated slopes, holes, inclines, slippery or unstable, overhead obstacles, electrical grids, or any other hazards on the road. 

It would be best if you always thought consciously to avoid hazards at any stage of operation. In your equipment’s operating manual, you will find the list of hazards you should know.

5.- Do not sit or climb on the platform protection grids.

The correct way to operate AWP and MEWP cranes is standing. The platform is not for sitting; its grids only protect the operator from possible falls.

It is always important to stand firm. It is always best to use manufacturer-approved devices to provide additional space to reach a specific work area. 

Have you got it?

With our safety tips for AWP and MEWP cranes, among other lifting equipment, you don’t have to be at high risk for accidents. Remember, doing the job right is more than just performing your duties. Knowing them perfectly, in theory, has a lot to do with it.

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