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2019 August, created Qualityopcenter Enterprises Inc and startups in Canada.

In September, the company participated in an IPAF Training in Mexico, being approved and receiving the certification as IPAF Instructor.

In November, we applied and were accepted as a member at IPAF.ORG.

2020 January, we incorporated the IPAF.ORG franchise, becoming “The First Training Center in CANADA’s West Coast” to deliver MEWP Operation Certifications.

2023 Post-pandemic, we re-started with a campaign promoting the training giving skills and more options for immigrants, focusing on equal opportunities for everyone.

Qualityopcenter Enterprises Inc is managed and owned by Gustavo Magarinos.

Who is Gustavo Magarinos ?

I have been a manager and consultant in operational logistics and construction machinery handling for over 25 years.

I started as an instructor in 2005 and taught more than 2.500 people in the last 18 years.

It’s that simple and complex at the same time. Behind: a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of learning, work and effort, but also great rewards:

  1. Have the opportunity to know the use of machines in different areas of companies
  2. Enjoy training operators. Teaching is a great way to learn.
  3. Growing every day with colleagues and meeting incredible people.

What is it to be a trainer and consultant ?

It is the set of training strategies based on the combination of the:

  1. Knowledge acquisition
  2. Skills integration
  3. Adoption of the right and safe attitude
  4. Practices and training based on personal experience

In short, it generates a new way (forming and “deforming”) to know, understand and operate in the world to achieve authentic learning that allows better sustainable results with less effort and greater enjoyment.

About me (more personal)

  1. Diploma in integrated logistics management. I have several certifications in industrial safety, first aid and personnel driving.
  2. I am a father and grandfather, which is why I value time very much, both mine and my clients. I am especially good at managing training projects for those with hardly any time for daily tasks.
  3. I am a tireless seeker of new security solutions
  4. I value coherence in projects and people very much. I think it is fundamental for everything to work smoothly and for projects to contribute to the client.
  5. I believe that the constant training of people is essential to get the best out of each of us. Then the good practices of certified operators will make word of mouth drive everything.
  6. I love simple things. I am dedicated to working on establishing procedures and processes so that things flow naturally. It helps to detect and determine what items are a real problem to fix.
  7. One sentence: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (A. Einstein).”