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MEWP annual inspection

That obtaining the MEWP annual inspection sticker is no longer a headache. If you know everything that must be covered in the process, it will be much easier for you to identify that it is carried out successfully.

Find out what this inspection is about, what is inspected, and what to do about any problems you find by reading us to the end.

  1. What is the annual MEWP inspection?

In order to make sure that everything is in order with the MEWP, it is necessary to have an annual inspection. Basically, it is a routine procedure, which serves to ensure the safety of use of the equipment.

It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that the annual MEWP inspection is carried out no later than thirteen months from the date it was previously carried out. Similarly, a person qualified to inspect the make and model of the MEWP will proceed with the inspection.

  1. What is sought in said inspection?

Items included in the MEWP annual inspection are all those that were included in a previous inspection, as well as those specified by the manufacturer (usually published in brand bulletins).

Also, it is vitally important that you ensure that the MEWP is registered with the manufacturer, and that all open safety related bulletins are addressed as part of the inspection.

Without all relevant elements having been addressed, and given the go-ahead, the MEWP cannot be returned to service.

  1. Why should inspection be governed?

The standards for the annual MEWP inspection are generally published in the most current ANSI standard at the time. These will serve to indicate how, and who, can carry out the procedure.

What is given freedom, within ANSI standards, is that the owner is tasked with determining if the mechanic of their choice is qualified to carry out the pertinent procedures within the inspection.

However, ANSI standards are never negotiated, since these are the ones that work when it comes to reducing security risk, and avoiding unplanned downtime for the equipment.

  1. Summary of interest

So, if we take a look at it, and point out the important aspects of the MEWP annual inspection, we would have:

  1. It should not be carried out more than 13 months after the previous inspection was carried out.
  2. It must be completed by a person who is qualified to inspect the specific model, and make, of the MEWP.
  3. All items must be inspected in their most recent inspection, plus those indicated in the operator’s manual, and the ANSI standard.
  4. It has to be verified that the MEWP is registered.
  5. The MEWP will not be able to return to service until all problems that have been identified within the inspection are corrected.

With this, you can get your MEWP annual inspection sticker.

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