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Features to look for in a quality MEWP

If you want to buy or rent a MEWP, looking for a quality one that is safe and efficient for the work you need is important. Here are some essential features to consider when choosing a quality MEWP:

Security: Security is the essential feature of a MEWP. Ensure the MEWP complies with national and international safety standards, such as EN 280 or ANSI/SIA A92. Also, verify that the equipment has safety systems such as load limiters, overload alarms, motion blocking systems, and fall arrest devices.

Lifting capacity: The lifting capacity of a MEWP is a crucial factor to consider. Make sure that the load capacity and working height are sufficient for the work you need to perform. Also, ensure the MEWP has a margin of safety to avoid overloading.

Platform type: Different platforms, such as scissors, articulated and telescopic, are available. Select the right platform for your job based on the working environment, height and reach required.

Ease of use: The MEWP should have clear and precise controls and be easy to use and operate. Also, make sure your computer has a complete, easy-to-understand user manual.

Maintenance and service: The MEWP must be available for regular maintenance and review by qualified personnel. Also, ensure that the company supplying the equipment offers emergency repair and maintenance services.

Profitability: Make sure the price of the MEWP is reasonable and fair regarding the quality and safety level of the equipment. You should also factor in long-term maintenance and repair costs.

In short, when selecting a MEWP, it’s essential to look for one that’s safe, efficient, and suitable for the job you need to perform. Ensure that the MEWP has safety features, adequate lifting capacity, an appropriate type of platform, is easy to use, has maintenance and service availability and is cost-effective.

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