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AWP in Canada, MEWP!

AWP, this term is the most searched and known. It has another term, MEWP, and is what we offer in Qualityopcenter.ca, endorsed by IPAF.ORG. An aerial work platform (AWP), aerial device, lifting work platform (EWP), or mobile lifting work platform (MEWP). Do you know these terms? Sound familiar?

Boom lifts, scissor lifts, articulated boom lifts, aerial work platforms, boom forklifts, Zoom and Genie lifts, all these models are some of the names usually given to those machines in the workplace.

They are formally called AWP or MEWP. These same employees need the knowledge and certificate to be able to use them responsibly under the following laws:

1. OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency that establishes and enforces workplace safety and health standards that are required by law for employees from December 29, 1970, to the present on a mandatory basis.

2. ANSI. American National Standards Institute. This standard applies to equipment for stopping falls of employees in industry in general and occupations outside of construction. 

3. CSA. This voluntary certification guarantees that the product that owns it complies with all safety standards in Canadian territory. 

4. CCOHS. There are fourteen jurisdictions in Canada, one federal, ten provincial and three territorial, each with its own occupational safety and health legislation outlining the general rights and responsibilities of the employee, supervisor and worker.

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